What does this course include?

- 5 well-structured parts with video lessons (over 10 hours in total);

- Each part includes from 15 to 30 short lessons (5-15 minutes) with clear explanations and examples;

- Practical tasks (carefully selected tongue twisters and songs that we analyze, read and practice by listening and singing);

- PDF file with all tasks and links to full versions of songs;

- PDF guide of the most common Russian homographs (*words with the same spelling but having more than one meaning. Homographs may be pronounced the same (homonyms), or they may be pronounced differently) with funny poems written by Mila;

- Online support during the course via What's App or Telegram (you will be able to send your recordings directly to me and I will be sending you my feedback and additional tasks to practice);

- Access to the platform for 3 months (including my support);

- Skype meeting with Mila in the end of the course to analyse your results.

By the end of this course, you will:

- Immensely improve your pronunciation in Russian;

- Tackle difficult Russian sounds easily;

- Learn all the rules of pronouncing unstressed Russian vowels (naughty Russian vowels);

- Discover why some Russian words are not pronounced the same way as they are written;

- Better understand fast spoken speech in Russian;

- Improve your reading skills by decoding the way Russian words are pronounced before even hearing their pronunciation;

- Sound like a native by applying the proper Russian intonation;

- Predict stress in many Russian words;

- Feel more condfident speaking Russian language to native speakers.

- Hack your Russian pronunciation!

I guarantee you that you will learn much more from this course than from any individual lessons that will cost you MUCH MORE.

Start improving your pronunciation in Russian today...and you will soon hear from people that you sound like a native! That will be your best reward!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to the Course

  • 2

    Part 1. Basics of Russian Pronunciation and Dangerous Russian Sounds

    • Introduction

    • Let's compare Russian and English sounds

    • The power of your tongue

    • Why Russian natives sound rude?

    • Exhale it right

    • Get well soon!

    • The biggest mistake of Russian language learners

    • Russian rolled R. The best techniques to pronounce Russian 'Рррррр'

    • PDF guide with songs and tongue twisters

    • 'Duck Face' practice

    • Ы vs И - Win the battle!

    • Do your best 'Ы'. Practice with songs and tongue twisters.

    • The mystery of a letter 'Й'

    • The sad story of a soft and a hard signs

    • Soft and Hard - take them easy!

    • Say: 'Жжжжжж"

    • Say: 'Cheese...cake'

    • Щ makes a difference. Learn the best way to differentiate it from Ш.

    • More exercises to practice pronouncing a letter Щ

    • Tongue twisters to practice pronouncing Ш

    • Tongue twisters and songs to practice pronouncing Щ

    • Day Х

    • Let's sum up!

    • What to do next?

  • 3

    Part 2. Two-faced: Hard and Soft Russian Consonants

    • Introduction to Part 2

    • Voiced vs Voiceless Russian Consonants

    • Hard and Soft Consonants: How they are produced

    • Hard and Soft consonants: How to differentiate them

    • Hard and Soft sounds of a pair Б-П (practice)

    • Hard and Soft sounds of a pair В-Ф (practice)

    • Hard and Soft sounds of a pair Г-К (practice)

    • Hard and Soft sounds of a pair Д-Т (practice)

    • Hard and Soft sounds of a pair С-З (practice)

    • Hard and Soft sounds of letters Л, М, Н (practice)

    • Hard and Soft sounds of letters Р and Х (practice)

    • Let's sing with soft and hard sounds of 'Р'

    • More practice on hard and soft sounds of 'Х'

    • Let's practice!

    • Task № 1

    • Task № 2

    • Let's sum up!

    • What to do next?

  • 4

    Part 3. Naughty Russian Vowels and How to Pronounce Them

    • Introduction to Part 3

    • Some stress is good

    • Let me tell you a secret

    • Naughty Russian vowels

    • Regional differences in pronunciation

    • Interesting historical fact about Russian language

    • Naughty vowel 'О'

    • Unstressed vowel 'А'

    • Naughty vowel 'Е'

    • Naughty vowel 'Е' (more practice)

    • Attention: Irregularities

    • Discrimination of the letter Ё

    • Letter Ё. Practice.

    • Letter Ё. More practice.

    • Naughty vowel 'Э'

    • Naughty vowel 'Я'

    • Unstressed vowels Я and Е

    • What happens when А meets Ч and Щ

    • Good old exceptions

    • What happens when Е meets Ш, Ж and Ц

    • Let's sum up!

    • What to do next?

    • Check yourself

  • 5

    Part 4. Games of Russian Consonants and Silence of the Letters

    • Introduction to Part 4

    • Voiceless vs voiced consonants - 1:0

    • Practice it!

    • Some more practice

    • Voiceless vs voiced consonants - 2:0

    • Voiceless vs voiced consonants - 2:1

    • Let's summarize!

    • Good old exceptions

    • ЧТ pronounced as ШТ ?!

    • ЧН pronounced as ШН ?!

    • СЧ pronounced as Щ ?!

    • Let's practice!

    • Let's check!

    • Some more practice

    • ЗЧ pronounced as Щ ?!

    • ЖЧ pronounced as Щ ?!

    • Good old exceptions

    • ТЧ pronounced as Ч ?!

    • ЗЖ pronounced as Ж ?!

    • СШ pronounced as Ш ?!

    • The dilemma of ТЬСЯ / ТСЯ

    • Let's check!

    • Good old exceptions

    • ТС pronounced as Ц

    • ТЦ pronounced as Ц ?!

    • Г pronounced as В ?!

    • Good old exceptions

    • Г pronounced as Х ?!

    • Silence of consonants

    • Silence of consonants. Part 2

    • Silence of consonants. Part 3

    • Silence of consonants. Part 4

    • Silence of consonants. Part 5

    • Your biggest nightmare

    • Let's practice with basic Russian phrases

    • What is the result and what to do next?

    • Check yourself

  • 6

    Part 5. Sound like a Russian. End of Discussion

    • Introduction to Part 5

    • Stressed suffixes of masculine nouns

    • Stressed suffixes of masculine nouns. Part 2

    • Stressed suffixes of masculine nouns. Part 3

    • Stressed suffixes of masculine nouns. Part 4

    • Stressed suffixes of masculine nouns. Part 5

    • Stressed suffixes of feminine nouns

    • Stressed suffixes of feminine nouns. Part 2

    • Stressed suffixes of neuter nouns

    • Stressed suffixes of neuter nouns. Part 2

    • Stressed endings of adjectives

    • Stressed suffixes of adjectives

    • Stressed prefixes of verbs

    • Stressed suffixes of verbs

    • Intonation is the key

    • Emphasis makes a difference

    • Let's play with emphasis

    • Intonation type 1

    • Intonation type 2

    • Intonation type 3

    • Intonation type 4

    • Intonation type 5

    • Intonation type 6

    • Intonation type 7

    • Let's practice!

    • Let's sum up!

    • Final test


  • Do I need to have any background knowledge to enroll into this course?

    Yes, you need at least to know some basics of Russian alphabet. You can watch my free video lesson on YouTube.

  • There are lots of free video lessons on YouTube. Why should I pay for your course?

    Yes, there are lots of free lessons on YouTube and other platforms, but they provide only traditional techniques to improve Russian pronunciation (from Russian textbooks), which are really useless in practice. In this course, I apply really effective and practical techniques already tested on many students. Moreover, my course include ALL possible and impossible topics on Russian pronunciation. The course is well-structured and provides fun and effective exercises to make you sound like a Russian.

  • Am I on my own during the course? Is there any support and feedback?

    Sure, I will guide you during the whole course. You will be able to send me any questions, tasks and I will send you my feedback via email or WhatsApp. In addition, in the end of the course, we will have a Skype meeting to celebrate your results and see what you can do next to improve it.

  • Why is this course so expensive?

    This course includes 5 parts with lessons that constitute over 10 hours of video lecture. You have an access to this course for 3 months and you will be able to get daily feedback from me. Believe me, individual courses with a teacher will not only cost you much more expensive but will also give you less results as the majority of Russian language teachers use techniques from Russian textbooks that are only good in theory.